The Unfinished History Podcast is a broad undertaking that encompasses efforts in research, expert consultation, historical interpretation, digital text analysis, 3D modeling, and more.

The key American tenets of liberty and equality have historically been withheld from certain citizens, a fact established early on in the creation of the new republic. Through an analysis of three broad categories – LGBT+, BIPOC, and Women’s History – The Unfinished History Podcast maintains that underrepresented communities played a significant role in the era of the American Revolution. Through six carefully crafted episodes featuring historical content and expert interviews, as well as digital creations and shout-outs supporting professional and amateur digital work, The Unfinished History Podcast seeks to contribute to scholarship that aims to fill the gaps in the historical narrative, especially those relying upon ‘the digital’ as a metric of analysis.

The podcast started out as a shared endeavor between Northeastern University graduate students Claire Lavarreda and Luke Pilkington as Patriots and Tax Evaders, a prototype podcast focusing on differing British and American interpretations of the American Revolution. It has evolved into The Unfinished History Podcast, the product of Claire and graduate student Catarina Tchakerian’s joint effort to expand and adapt the Patriots and Tax Evaders podcast idea to obtain certificates in Digital Humanities from Northeastern University.